20 Sept 2020

English Grammar Practice Test Questions with Answers (MCQs Quiz)

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English Grammar: Practice Test Questions with Answers - Check English Grammar Questions and Answers for Practice. Objective Multiple Choice Questions with Answers are given here for practice for all competitive examinations. Improve your English Grammar with our practice sets of English Grammar topics. These practice test questions (MCQ Quiz) are very helpful for those students who are going to appear in competitive exams. These short multiple-choice questions can be used for practice/test the knowledge of English grammar.

English Grammar Quiz Questions

These grammar quiz questions are based on all topics of English grammar including sentence, subject, and predicate, phrase and clause, parts of speech, noun, pronoun, number, gender, adjective, adverb, article, verb, infinitive, participle, gerund, tense, active and passive voice, narration, auxiliaries and modals, preposition, conjunction, interjection, determiners, punctuation, idioms, figure of speech, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, paronyms, one-word substitution, etc. So, check or improve your knowledge of English grammar through these grammar practice papers and sets.

 English Grammar Practice Tests - English Grammar Quiz (MCQ Online Test) 

English Grammar Quiz Online Mock Tests:

English Grammar Tense Online Quiz

English Grammar Article Online Quiz

English Grammar Modals Online Quiz

English Grammar Parts of Speech Online Quiz

English Grammar Reported Speech Online Quiz

English Grammar Active and Passive Voice Online Quiz

English Grammar Practice Sets for all competitive exams:

English Grammar Practice Test-1

English Grammar Practice Test-2

English Grammar Practice Test-3

English Grammar Practice Test-4

English Grammar Practice Test-5

English Grammar Practice Test-6

English Grammar Practice Test-7

English Grammar Practice Test-8

English Grammar Practice Test-9

English Grammar Practice Test-10

 English Grammar Exercises - Multiple Choice Question with Answers 

Solved MCQs on English Grammar - Here are objective type multiple choice questions for English Grammar Practice. These objective and mcqs are based on all topics of English grammar.

English Grammar Exercise - Tense Practice Questions

English Grammar Exercise - Determiners Practice Questions

English Grammar Solved Multiple Choice Questions

English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions on Preposition

English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions on Conjunction

English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions on Modals

English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions on Clause

English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions on Phrase

Note: More practice tests and multiple-choice questions will be added here at regular intervals.

Check All Topics of English Grammar

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