22 Sept 2020

English Literature MCQ on Shakespeare and Elizabethan Age

Multiple Choice Questions Answers on Shakespeare and Elizabethan Age - English Literature MCQ

image: William Shakespeare
(Last Updated: 22.09.2020). Check objective type multiple choice questions and answers on Shakespeare and his age (Elizabethan) and contemporary writers. Learn English Literature through these important question answers on Shakespeare and his fellow writers.

These questions are very important for exam point of view for all those candidates who are going to appear in objective type written examinations and who want to know more about English Literature and William Shakespeare. Check English literature objective multiple choice question answers on Shakespeare and Elizabethan Age in English Literature.

1. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write in all? 
(A) 152
(B) 153
(C) 154
(D) 155

2. To whom did Shakespeare dedicate his first Narrative poem Venus and Adonais?
(A) Queen Elizabeth
(B) James I
(C) Earl of Southampton
(D) Ben Jonson 

3. Who has written Tales from Shakespeare?
(A) John Clare
(B) Charles Lamb
(C) Samuel Rogers
(D) Thomas Love Peacock 

4. The phrase "'What's in a name?" occurs in:
(A) Othello
(B) Hamlet
(C) Romeo and Juliet
(D) Julius Caesar

5. Who has written the critical book Characters of Shakespeare's Plays?
(A) Addison
(B) Coleridge
(C) Hazlitt
(D) Arnold

6. What is Rape of Lucrece?
(A) A sonnet
(B) A narrative poem
(C) An early comedy
(D) A scene in Coriolanus

7. In which year were Shakespeare's Sonnets published?
(A) 1598
(B) 1600
(C) 1609
(D) 1616 

8. "Life is a tale told by an idiot" is uttered by
(A) Hamlet
(B) Othello
(C) Lear
(D) Macbeth 

9. Who said that Shakespeare knew "little Latin and less Greek"?
(A) Marlowe
(B) Ben Jonson
(C) Samuel Johnson
(D) Dryden 

10. Which of the following was the last play written by Shakespeare?
(A) Hamlet
(B) Twelfth Night
(C) Winter's Tale
(D) Tempest

11. Shakespeare's Roman plays are based on which of the following sources?
(A) Norths's Plutarch
(B) Hollinshed's Chronicles
(C) The Palace of Pleasure
(D) Ancient Tales

12. Who among the following called Hamlet an "artistic failure"?
(A) T.S. Eliot
(B) C.S. Lewis
(C) Ernest Jones
(D) Cleanth Brooks

13. Shakespeare's English History plays are based on which of the following sources?
(A) Norths's Plutarch
(B) Hollinshed's Chronicles
(C) The Palace of Pleasure
(D) Ancient Tales

14. Shakespeare addressed his sonnets to a male named
(A) Mr. W.H.
(B) Marlowe
(C) Mr. H.W.
(D) Dark Gentleman 

15. In which of the following tragedies of Shakespeare is there the role of a ghost?
(A) Othello
(B) Hamlet
(C) Macbeth
(D) King Lear 

16. Who is the hero of Spenser's Faerie Queene?
(A) Morpheus
(B) Phoebus
(C) King Arthur
(D) Archimago 

17. Who calls Spenser the Poet's Poet?
(A) Sidney
(B) Hazlitt
(C) Charles Lamb
(D) Mathew Arnold

18. To whom does Spenser dedicate his Shephearde's Calendar?
(A) Sir Walter Raleigh
(B) Queen Elizabeth
(C) Prince Arthur
(D) Sir Philip Sidney 

19. Sidney's Arcadia is similar to
(A) Spenser's Epithalamion
(B) Shakespeare's Cymbeline
(C) More's Utopia
(D) Drayton's Poly-Olbion 

20. The Tottel's Miscellany was published in
(A) 1514
(B) 1547
(C) 1557
(D) 1575 

21. Who introduced "blank verse" in English poetry?
(A) Marlowe
(B) Surrey
(C) Shakespeare
(D) Wyatt

22. The "Spenserian stanza" consists of
(A) Six lines
(B) Seven lines
(C) Eight lines
(D) Nine lines

23. Elizabethan Age in English Literature covers the period of
(A) 1557-1600
(B) 1558-1603
(C) 1558-1606
(D) 1557-1599

24. Astrophel and Stella is
(A) A tragedy by Shakespeare
(B) An epic by Spenser
(C) A tragedy by Marlowe
(D) A Sonnet-squence by Sidney

25. Which of the following plays of Marlowe is based on a German legend?
(A) Tamburlaine The Great
(B) The Jew of Malta
(C) Edward II
(D) Doctor Faustus

26. The "Marlowian hero" is known for his hunger for
(A) Gold
(B) Power
(C) Knowledge
(D) Peace

27. Which is believed to be the first important revenge tragedy?
(A) Gorboduc
(B) Hamlet
(C) Tamburlaine
(D) The Spanish Tragedy

28. Women Beware Women is one of the masterpieces by
(A) Thomas Middleton
(B) George Chapman
(C) Marston
(D) Thomas Dekker

29. Who completed Hero and Leander started by Christopher Marlowe?
(A) Thomas Kyd
(B) Thomas Middleton
(C) George Chapman
(D) Robert Burton

30. The chief function of literature is to instruct. Who said it?
(A) John Dryden
(B) Sir Philip Sidney
(C) Francis Bacon
(D) Ben Jonson

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