18 Jan 2014

English Grammar : Practice Set - 3

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Practice Set - 3 (English Grammar)

1. Choose the word wrongly Spelt -
A. pictorial
B. priest
C. monsoon
D. reffere
2. Choose the word wrongly Spelt –
A. treatement
B. pioneer
C. luminous
D. emergency
3. Find out the correct sentence –
A. Ram and Mohan plays chess
B. Ram and Mohan has played chess
C. Ram and Mohan was playing chess
D. Ram and Mohan are playing chess
4. Find the error in the sentence –
A. None of the two boys
B. who were
C. present there
D. came to his help.
5. Find the error in the sentence –
A. Whomsoever
B. we think deserves
C. the credit for all this
D. will certainly get it.
6. Choose one-word substitution for fancies of bad health -
A. Leukemia
B. Hypertension
C. Innuendo
D. Hypochondria
7. Choose Antonym of Obviate -
A. Clarify
B. Make way
C. Improve
D. Grasp
8. Choose Synonym of Saturnine -
A. Gloomy
B. Hilarious
C. Inadequate
D. Deficient
9. Choose the right answer for Call in -
A. address
B. evoke
C. invite
D. summon
10. Choose the right answer for to make room -
A. to make a building
B. to remove obstruction
C. to spoil
D. to dispose of

Answers : 1) D, 2) A, 3) D, 4) A, 5) A, 6) D, 7) B, 8) A, 9) D, 10) B


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