22 Apr 2020

English Grammar Practice Set - 10 : Correct Forms of Verb (Future Tense)

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Here is set-10 on English Grammar Exercise / Practice Test Questions / Quiz Question Answers on Past Tense. The candidates who are appearing in competitive examinations can check important General English Grammar Questions and Answers for their competition test.

English Grammar Practice Set - 10

Correct Forms of Verb (Present Tense) Exercise Question-Answers

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs (present tense) :

1. Perhaps he ______ (arrive) in time for lunch.

2. I ____ (pay) after breakfast.

3. As you sow, so you _____ (reap).

4. He ____ (be) sixteen next Monday.

5. The gardener _____ (water) the plants before the sun rises.

6. They _____ (drive) for ten hours by the time they arrive in Delhi.

7. If it rains again tomorrow, then it _____ (rain) for three days.

8. When you reach there she ____ (read) a book.

9. The rain ____ (not stop) before the competition starts.

10. Those who are laughing now _____ (cry) later.

Answer : 1. will arrive 2. will pay 3. shall reap 4. will be 5. will have watered 6. will have been driving 7. will have been raining 8. will be reading 9. will not have stopped 10. will be crying.


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