22 Apr 2020

English Grammar Practice Set - 9 : Correct Forms of Verb (Present Tense)

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Here is set-9 on English Grammar Exercise / Practice Test Questions / Quiz Question Answers on Past Tense. The candidates who are appearing in competitive examinations can check important General English Grammar Questions and Answers for their competition test.

English Grammar Practice Set - 9

Correct Forms of Verb (Present Tense) Exercise Question-Answers

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs (present tense) :

1. I ____ (already see) this film in Delhi last month.

2. The new teacher _____ (teach) us for six month.

3. Look ! Smoke ____ (come) out of that window.

4. He ____ (play) for two hours and still ____ (not stop).

5. You cannot go out till you ____ (complete) your home work.

6. I usually ____ (drink) coffee but now I ____ (drink) tea.

7. It ____ (rain) hard. I am afraid the match will have to be cancelled.

8. What _____ (make) the moon go round the earth?

9. You are late. The train _____ (go).

10. Ice ____ (melt) at 00 centigrade.

Answer : 1. have already seen 2. has been teaching 3. is coming 4. has been playing, has still not stopped 5. have completed 6. drink, am drinking 7. is raining 8. makes 9. has been gone 10. melts


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