28 Apr 2020

English Grammar Exercise - Determiners Practice Questions

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Practice Determiners in English Grammar with these objective questions for exercise for all competitive examinations.

English Grammar Exercise (Determiners)

Fill in the blanks with either of the two suggested determiners:

1. ______ flower fades away. (each, every)

2. I sold _____ books I had. (a few, the few)

3. Manjula gave away _____ coins she had. (several, all the)

4. Have you read _____ good books lately? (any, some)

5. In _____ park, I saw ______ one-eyed beggar. (a, an, the)

6. _____ girl in the group got the prize. (each, every)

7. There is not _____ truth in it. (much, many)

8. ______ persons know the truth. (few, the few)

9. I have eaten too _____ apples. (much, many)

10. You can learn swimming if you have _____ patience. (little, a little)

Answers : 1. every 2. a few 3. all the 4. any 5. the, a 6. each 7. much 8. few 9. many 10. a little.

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