27 Jan 2016

English Grammar Practice Set-7 : Preposition Question Answers MCQ

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Practice English Grammar with objective type MCQ practice set. Here is English Grammar Preposition Practice Set for TET Exam (Language - I/II English).

English Grammar Practice Set-7

(English Grammar Preposition Practice Question Answers)

1. America attacked ____ Taliban.

A) on

B) at

C) in

D) none

2. There is a tiger ___ the cage.

A) into

B) at

C) in

D) none

3. Find the incorrect sentence.

A) The book is on the table.

B) The boy jumped on the table.

C) He lives in Delhi.

D) None

4. Divide this property ______ the three sons.

A) between

B) among

C) into

D) none

5. My father has a car ____ a bike.

A) beside

B) besides

C) with

D) none

6. He is on leave ___ a month.

A) during

B) for

C) at

D) none

7. As I was going ___ my father came out.

A) in

B) on

C) when

D) None

8. I shall inform ____ you.

A) to

B) with

C) on

D) none

9. I came here ___ last week.

A) in

B) since

C) for

D) none

10. Find the incorrect one.

A) He went this morning.

B) He went in the morning.

C) He met me in the last evening.

D) None

Answers. : 1) D, 2) C, 3) B,  4) B, 5) C, 6) B, 7) A, 8) D, 9) D, 10) C

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