27 Apr 2016

English Literature Question Answers on Contemporary Period

English Literature Important Question Answers on Contemporary Period

(Latest Updated on 22.02.17). Here are objective type question answers on 20th Century or Contemporary Period of English Literature. These English Literature objective questions include contemporary period/age of English literature. These questions are very useful for UGC NET English & TGT/PGT English written / screening examinations.

English Literature Objective Questions Answers on Contemporary Period

Q. Angus Wilson was born in?
Ans. South Africa
Q. Which is the first volume of autography by Dorris Lessing?
Ans. Under My Skin
Q. The leader of the group nicknamed as ‘The Macspauncay’ was :
Ans. W. H. Auden
Q. Who was awarded the Booker Prize for his book ‘The Siege of Krishanpur’?
Ans. James Gordon Farrel
Q. Who wrote ‘The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde’?
Ans. Peter Ackroyd
Q. Which among the following novels has more than one ending?
(a) Lcuky Jim
(b) The Clockwork Orange
(c) The Prime of Jean Brodie
(d) The French Lieutenant’s Woman
Ans. (d)
Q. ‘The Virgin in the Garden, ‘Possession’ are the two most substantial novels of –
Ans. Antonia Susan Byatt
Q. Contemporary period of British Literature was also called to be …
Ans. The information age and the digital age
Q. ‘The Moor’s Last Sigh’ is the famous work of ….
Ans. Salman Rushdie
Q. William Golding was awarded Noble Prize in –
Ans. 1983
Q. Which novel of Emma is a sequel to Austen's Pride and Prejudice ?
Ans. Woman Beware Woman (1983)
Q. The famous essay "How many Children had Lady Macbeth" (1933) was written by -
Ans. : L. C Knights
Q. A Suicide Note is the subtitle of a novel written by Martin Amis, the name of the novel is -
Ans.Money (1984)
Q. Keith Waterhouse is a -
Ans. Short-story writer
Q. Divine Right is a futuristic play by -
Ans. Whelan Peter

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