1 Jun 2020

English Literature Drama Multiple Choice Questions

Check Important Objective Type English Literature Multiple Choice Question Answers on Drama and its major forms. These solved questions answers on English Literature Drama section of English Literature Objective type question answers (MCQ) can be used as English Literature Study Material for UGC NET/JRF/STET, TET and other written examinations (UGC NET English Paper-II) based on objective type multiple choice questions.
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(Last Updated: 08.01.2021). Learn English Literature Drama through these multiple choice objective question answers which are important for the students of English Literature as well as for the candidates who are going to participate in competitive exams based on English Literature General Questions.

 Multiple Choice Question Answers on Drama - English Literature 

1. The Mystery Plays deal with -

(A) The life and deeds of the saints

(B) Biblical Themes

(C) Heaven and Hell

(D) Moral values

2. The Miracle Plays principally deal with the miracles performed by -

(A) Saints and Sages

(B) Magic

(C) Supernatural powers

(D) Personified Vices and Virtues

3. Everyman, a famous play of the 15th Century, was a -

(A) Morality Play

(B) Mystery Play

(C) Miracle Play

(D) An Interlude

4. Which is not a P in John Heywood's Interlude, 4P's ?

(A) The Palmer

(B) The Pardoner

(C) The Piper

(D) The Pedlar

5. An 'Epilogue' in a play appears -

(A) In the beginning of the play

(B) At the end of the play

(C) At the end of the Third Act

(D) At any stage

6. How many Dramatic Unities were recommended by the Greeks ?

(A) One central unity

(B) Two dramatic unities

(C) Three dramatic unities

(D) No number fixed

7. The first tragedy Gorboduc was later given the title -

(A) Gammer Gurton's Needle

(B) Endymion

(C) Corpus Christi

(D) Forrex and Porrex

8. Which is supposed to be the first regular Comedy in English ?

(A) Jocasta

(B) The English Traveller

(C) Gammer Gurton's Needle

(D) Roister Doister

9. In which year was the Globe Theatre built ?

(A) 1588

(B) 1598

(C) 1594

(D) 1599

10. In which play is there a 'Casket Scene' ?

(A) Twelfth Night

(B) The Merchant of Venice

(C) The Winter's Tale

(D) The Tempest

11. "Life is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury", these lines occur in -

(A) Julius Casear

(B) Hamlet

(C) Macbeth

(D) Richard II

12. Addison's tragedy Cato has been called -

(A) The last of the Elizabethan tragedy

(B) The tomb of the Heroic plays

(C) The grave of English tragedy

(D) The burial of classical tragedy

13. Dryden's All for Love is based on -

(A) Samson Agonistes

(B) Romeo and Juliet

(C) Casear and Cleopatra

(D) Antony and Cleopatra

14. Dryden's MacFlecknoe is a satire on -

(A) Thomas Otway

(B) Congreve

(C) Shadwell

(D) Wycherley

15. Who is the greatest writer of Masques in English ?

(A) Shakespeare

(B) Milton

(C) Ben Jonson

(D) Daniel

16. Milton borrowed the theme of Comus from -

(A) Homer's Iliad

(B) Homer's Odyssey

(C) Virgil's Aeneid

(D) Spenser's Faerie Queene

17. In which literary Age did Poetic plays become popular ?

(A) In the Elizabethan and Caroline Age

(B) In the Augustan and Restoration Age

(C) In the Romantic and Victorian Age

(D) In the Modern Age

18. "Who knows the world may end tonight ?" This line is quoted from -

(A) Rabbi Ben Ezra

(B) Evelyn Hope

(C) The Last Ride Together

(D) Ulysses

19. The phrase 'Don Juan in Hell' occurs in Shaw's -

(A) St. Joan

(B) Man and Superman

(C) Back to Methuselah

(D) Casear and Cleopatra

20. Riders to the Sea, a very popular One-Act tragedy, was written by -

(A) Chekhov

(B) Miles Malleson

(C) J. M. Synge

(D) Edward Percy

Answers : 1. (2) 2. (A) 3. (A) 4. (C) 5. (B) 6. (C) 7. (D) 8. (D) 9. (D) 10. (B) 11. (C) 12. (C) 13. (D) 14. (C) 15. (C) 16. (B) 17. (C) 18. (C) 19. (B) 20. (C).

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