29 Apr 2020

Indian English Literature Multiple Choice Questions

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Check Important Objective Type English Literature Multiple Choice Questions Answers on Indian English Literature. These solved question answers on Indian Writings in English section of English Literature Objective type question answers (MCQ) can be used as English Literature Study Material for UGC NET/JRF/STET, TET and other written examinations (UGC NET English Paper-II) based on objective type multiple choice questions.
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Learn Indian English Literature through these multiple choice objective question answers which are important for the students of English Literature as well as for the candidates who are going to participate in competitive exams based on English Literature General Questions.

 Multiple Choice Question Answers on Indian English Literature 

1. Name the first novel of Mulk Raj Anand which carried a preface by E. M. Forster that won him world-wide recognition :

(A) Coolie

(B) The Village

(C) Untouchable

(D) Two Leaves and a Bud

2. The Old Woman and the Cow by Mulk Raj Anand shows the transformation of a cow into a :

(A) Lioness

(B) Tigress

(C) Buffalo

(D) Goddess

3. Who was the first recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award for the best writing in English?

(A) R. K. Narayan

(B) Mulk Raj Anand

(C) Raja Rao

(D) Khuswant Singh

4. Who wrote an Introduction to R. K. Narayan’s novel The Financial Expert?

(A) Graham Greene

(B) E. M. Forster

(C) Mulk Raj Anand

(D) Raja Rao

5. Who said, “Ezekiel is a poet of the city, Bombay”?

(A) K. S. Iyengar

(B) Linda Hess

(C) R. Parthasarthy

(D) Kamala Dass

6. Which of R. K. Narayan’s novels became the most popular?

(A) The Guide

(B) The Bachelor of Arts

(C) The Vendor of Sweets

(D) The Financial Expert

7. Rabindranath Tagore got Nobel Prize in

(A) 1912

(B) 1913

(C) 1917

(D) 1923

8. Mulk Raj Anand’s autographical novel is

(A) Seven Summers

(B) The Untouchable

(C) The Coolie

(D) Two Leaves and a Bud

9. Aurobindo’s Savitiri is

(A) A romantic poem

(B) An epic poem

(C) A short story

(D) A religious novel

10. My Story is

(A) The autobiography of Kamala Das

(B) A novel by Arun Joshi

(C) A play by Girish Karnad

(D) A volume of poems by Mahapatra

11. Who is the writer of Inquilab : A Play in Three Acts ?

(A) Nissim Ezekiel

(B) Girish Karnad

(C) Asif Currimbhoy

(D) Gieve Patel

12. Who is the “man-eater of Malgudi” in R. K. Narayan’s novel The Man-Eater of Malgudi?

(A) Natraj

(B) Muthu

(C) Vasu

(D) Kumar

13. The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth is a novel

(A) Of sensibility

(B) Of character

(C) For the downtrodden

(D) In verse

14. Chaman Nahal won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1977 for his famous work

(A) Azadi

(B) My True Faces

(C) Into Other Dawn

(D) The Crown and the Loincloth

15. Who is the narrator hero in Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children (1981)?

(A) Saleem Sinai

(B) Natraj

(C) RIya Babu

(D) Akhtar Sahib

16. Jayant Mahapatra is basically a man of

(A) Physics

(B) Chemistry

(C) Psychology

(D) English

17. Arundhati Roy’s debut novel The God of Small Things won Booker Prize in

(A) 1995

(B) 1996

(C) 1997

(D) 1998

18. Raja Rao got the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1964 for his novel

(A) Kanthapura (1938)

(B) The Serpent and the Rope (1960)

(C) The Cat and Shakespeare : A Tale of India (1965)

(D) Comrade Kirillov (1976)

19. Who is the hero of Raja Rao’s Kanthapura?

(A) Laxman

(B) Reddy

(C) Moorthy

(D) Naidu

20. Anita Desai’s Where Shall We Go This Summer has been compared to Virginia Woolf’s

(A) To the Lighthouse

(B) The Voyage Out

(C) The Waves

(D) Night and Day

Answer : 1. (C) 2. (B) 3. (A) 4. (A) 5. (B) 6. (A) 7. (B) 8. (A) 9. (B) 10. (A) 11. (C) 12. (C) 13. (D) 14. (A) 15. (A) 16. (A) 17. (C) 18. (B) 19. (C) 20. (A).

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