7 Nov 2019

Child Development and Pedagogy Question Papers 2019

Child Development and Pedagogy Question Papers 2019 - Sample Papers, Solved Papers, Previous Years Question Papers - Paper-I & Paper-II

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(Last Updated : 07.11.19). Get here Child Development and Pedagogy Question Papers 2018 for CTET, HTET, UPTET, RTET, PTET, WBTET, REET, HPTET, Maha TET, Bihar TET & other TET Exam 2019-20. Previous years solved question papers of Child Development and Pedagogy are very important for those candidates who are appearing in TET Exams 2019 either for Paper-I (class 1st-5th for primary teacher) or for Paper-II (class 6th-8th for TGT/Master/Mistress).

Here are Child Psychology Question Papers 2019 with Objective type Multiple Choice Questions for Teacher Eligibility Test.

 Child Development and Pedagogy Sample Papers 2019 

Q. 1. Which of the following is based on Vyogotsky's socio-cultural theory ?
         (1) Operant conditioning
         (2) Reciprocal teaching
         (3) Cultural-neutral cognitive development
         (4) Insight learning
Q. 2. A disorder related to language comprehension is
         (1) apraxia
         (2) dyslexia
         (3) aspeechxia
         (4) aphasia
Q. 3. _________ is not considered a sign of 'being gifted'.
         (1) Novelty in expression
         (2) Curiosity
         (3) Creative ideas
         (4) Fighting with others
Q. 4. Which of the following does not deter problem solving ?
         (1) Insight
         (2) Mental sets
         (3) Entrenchment
         (4) Fixation
Q. 5. Dyslexia is associated with
         (1) Reading disorder
         (2) Behavioural disorder
         (3) Mental disorder
         (4) Mathematical disorder
Answers : 1 (2), 2 (4), 3 (4), 4 (1), 5 (1)

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 Child Development and Pedagogy Solved Papers 2017-2018 

Here are previous years solved question papers with answers of Child Development and Pedagogy. Download/see Pedagogy Solved question papers at the below links.

 Child Development and Pedagogy Practice Sets 2019 

Download here Child Development and Pedagogy Practice Sets for level-1 & level-2.


  1. Sir can u provide questions in hindi

  2. Look at this...http://www.teachmatters.in/2014/10/pedagogy-psychology-question-answers-in-hindi-part-1.html.

    You can also check Pedagogy Practice Sets in Hindi whose links are given above in the post.

  3. Excellent stuff! very useful. Thanks for sharing.


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