17 Jun 2016

Child Development and Pedagogy Question Papers 2016

Child Development and Pedagogy Question Papers 2016 - Sample Papers, Solved Papers, Previous Years Question Papers - Paper-I & Paper-II

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Get here Child Development and Pedagogy Question Papers 2016 for CTET, HTET, UPTET, RTET, PTET, WBTET, REET, HPTET, Maha TET, Bihar TET & other TET Exam 2016-17. Previous years solved question papers of Child Development and Pedagogy are very important for those candidates who are appearing in TET Exams 2016-17 either for Paper-I (class 1st-5th for primary teacher) or for Paper-II (class 6th-8th for TGT/Master/Mistress).

 Child Development and Pedagogy Sample Papers 2016 

Q. 1. Which of the following is based on Vyogotsky's socio-cultural theory ?
         (1) Operant conditioning
         (2) Reciprocal teaching
         (3) Cultural-neutral cognitive development
         (4) Insight learning
Q. 2. A disorder related to language comprehension is
         (1) apraxia
         (2) dyslexia
         (3) aspeechxia
         (4) aphasia
Q. 3. _________ is not considered a sign of 'being gifted'.
         (1) Novelty in expression
         (2) Curiosity
         (3) Creative ideas
         (4) Fighting with others
Q. 4. Which of the following does not deter problem solving ?
         (1) Insight
         (2) Mental sets
         (3) Entrenchment
         (4) Fixation
Q. 5. Dyslexia is associated with
         (1) Reading disorder
         (2) Behavioural disorder
         (3) Mental disorder
         (4) Mathematical disorder
Answers : 1 (2), 2 (4), 3 (4), 4 (1), 5 (1)

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 Child Development and Pedagogy Solved Papers 2016 

Here are previous years solved question papers with answers of Child Development and Pedagogy. Download/see Pedagogy Solved question papers at the below links.

 Child Development and Pedagogy Practice Sets 2016 

Download here Child Development and Pedagogy Practice Sets for level-1 & level-2.


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