13 Jan 2019

HTET PGT Solved Question Paper Level-3 JAN 2019

HTET Solved Question Paper with Answers PGT (Level-3) 5th January 2019

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(Last Updated : 13.01.19). HTET Solved Paper 2019 (January) - HTET PGT Exam January 2019 was held on 05.01.2019 for level-3. Here is solved question paper with answers for HTET PGT candidates who are appearing in next HTET 2019-20 PGT Level-3 exam. This question paper is solved on the basis of HTET PGT official Answer Key January 2019

HTET Solved Question Paper PGT (Level-3) JAN 2019

(Part-I Child Development& Pedagogy)

HTET PGT Child Development & Pedagogy with Answers 2019

1. If one activity occurs more often than another, it can be used to reinforce the activity that occurs less often. This principle is known as :

(1) Premack’s principle

(2) Thorndike’s principle

(3) Skinner’s principle

(4) Pavlov’s principle

Answer : (1)

2. ‘Modelling’ is an effective teaching method for :

(1) Children with visual impairment

(2) Children with learning disability

(3) Acid Attack Victims

(4) Children with intellectual disability

Answer : (4)

3. Which law of ‘Trial and Error’ given by Thorndike is similar to the concepts of ‘reinforcement’ ?

(1) Law of Use

(2) Law of Disuse

(3) Law of Effect

(4) Law of Readiness

Answer : (3)

4. According to Ecological systems theory of Bronfenbrenner, which of the following does not belong to Macro system of the child ?

(1) School

(2) Values

(3) Laws

(4) Customs

Answer : (1)

5. Which of the following is not true about the socio-cultural theory of Vygotsky ?

(1) Children learn very little from performing tasks they can already do independently.

(2) Concept of Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is a part of it.

(3) It ignores the importance of language in cognitive development.

(4) It emphasizes role of socio-cultural environment in cognitive development.

Answer : (3)

6. The feeling of adolescents, ‘Everyone is looking at me’, can be termed as :

(1) Personal fable

(2) Imaginary audience

(3) Anorexia Nervosa

(4) Bulimia Nervosa

Answer : (2)

7. Which of the following is the founder of Child Study Movement ?

(1) Alfred Binet

(2) Theodore Simon

(3) G. Stanley Hall

(4) B.f. Skinner

Answer : (3)

8. A child angrily hits a playmate in the same way that he has been punished at home. It is an example of :

(1) Operant conditioning

(2) Classical conditioning

(3) Observational learning

(4) Insightful learning

Answer : (3)

9. Which of the following is not a form of immaturity of thinking during adolescence as proposed by Elkind ?

(1) Idealism

(2) Arguementativeness

(3) Assertiveness

(4) Specialness

Answer : (3)

10. The phrase, ‘six on one hand, and half a dozen on other’ best describes which of the following type of conflict ?

(1) Approach – Avoidance conflict

(2) Avoidance – Avoidance conflict

(3) Approach – Approach conflict

(4) Double Approach – Avoidance conflict

Answer : (3)

HTET PGT Solved Question (Common) Paper 2018 Level-3 Exam 05.01.2019 (Official)

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Note :

  • This HTET Paper solution is solved with official answer key provided by HBSE.
  • This paper solution will be updated at regular intervals, so visit this page regularly.
  • There may be some incorrect answers in the unofficial answer key of HTET JAN 2019 Level-3 exam. So, paper will be updated when any update is available from the HBSE.
  • Other part of this paper will be updated soon.

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