28 Feb 2017

English Literature Practice Set-9

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Here is English Literature practice set-9 Objective (Multiple Choice Question) MCQ for written exam of UGC NET English Paper-II & III, Assistant Professor/College Cadre Lecturer & TGT/PGT English (KVS/NVS) recruitment exam. Check practice set of English Literature for competitive exam.

 English Literature Practice Set-9 

1.  Dickens said about one of his novels: “I like this the best”. Which novel was he referring to?
(a) Oliver Twist
(b) Great Expectations
(c) A Tale of Two Cities
(d) David Copperfield

2. Who is the author of Where Angels Fear to Tread?
(a) Somerset Maugham
(b) D.H. Lawrence
(c) James Joyce
(d) E.M. Forster

3. The Royalists in the Age of Milton are also called as –

(a) Cavaliers
(b) Protestants
(c) Intellectualists
(d) Reformers

4. Who wrote: “We are hollow men.”

(a) Eliot
(b) Yeats
(c) Tagore
(d) Ezekiel

5. Who was the king in England at the time of Peasants’ Revolt?

(a) Richard II
(b) Richard III
(c) Henry I
(d) King John

6. Which of the following is a prose comedy of Joseph Addison?

(a) Rosamond
(b) The Drummer
(c) The Spacious Firmament on high
(d) Cato

7. Mr. Malaprop appears in –

(a) Goldsmith’s The Good Natured Man
(b) Sheridan’s The Rivals
(c) Addison’s Cato
(d) Sheridan’s The School for Scandal

8. A stanza of eight lines is called :

(a) Tercet
(b) Octave
(c) Quatrain
(d) Couplet

9. Who among the following is the pioneer of new criticism?

(a) T.S. Eliot
(b) I.A. Richards
(c) F.R. Leavis
(d) Allan Tate

10. Who for the first time introduced sonnet into English poetry?

(a) Daniel
(b) Spenser
(c) Wyatt and surrey
(d) Shakespeare

Answers : 1.  (d) 2. (d) 3. (a) 4. (a) 5.  (a) 6. (b) 7. (b) 8. (b) 9. (b) 10. (c)

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