11 May 2016

CTET Solved Question Paper 8 May 2016 Haryana Level-2 TGT

CTET May 2016 Solved Question Paper : Paper-II (08.05.2016)

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(Latest Updated : 14.05.16). Check solved question paper with answer key of CTET May 2016 exam held on 08.05.2016 for paper-2. CTET May 2016 exam was held on 8th May 2016 for Haryana state. This question paper solution is based on unofficial answer key of CTET 08.05.2016 exam.

CTET Solved Question Paper May 2016 : Level-2 (class 6th to 8th) TGT

Part-I (Child Development & Pedagogy)

Q. 21. According to Piget, which one of the following pairs is essential for cognitive development of the child ?
Ans. Assimilation and Accomodation

Q. 22. A child focuses on one aspect of a situation and ignores the others. This is due to :
Ans. Concentration

Q. 23. In pre-conventional morality :
Ans. Rules are external to the self.

Q. 24. ______ believed that cognitive development occurs in a socio-cultural context and evolves out of the child’s social interactions.
Ans. Vygostky

Q. 25. According to which theorist, language plays a crucial role in the development of cognitive ability ?
Ans. Piget

Q. 26. A teacher believes that each child is unique and special individual, and therefore actively involves them in their own education and development. The teacher is adopting :
Ans. Child-cetnric education

Q. 27. Which one of the following statements best describes intelligence ?
Ans. Intelligence is a multi-dimensional concept.

Q. 28. Language _______ thought.
Ans. Influences

Q. 29. When parents buy dolls for their daughters and football for their sons, their decision reflects :
Ans. Gender stereotyping

Q. 30. In a classroom, teaching-learning needs to be :
Ans. Individualized since there are individual differences among learners.

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Note :
  1. This question paper is solved on the basis of unofficial answer key of CTET May 2016. So, candidates are advised to check official answer key.
  2. Other parts of this paper solution will be uploaded soon.
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