8 May 2020

25 Popular Foreign Words and Phrases in English

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Did you know many popular words used by you come from other languages? Here is the list of some common and important foreign words and phrases frequently used in English language.

 25 Popular Foreign Words and Phrases in English Language 

1.  Ad hoc (Latin, "for this", specially for some purpose)
     He is an ad hoc employee.

2.  Alma mater (Latin, the school, the college or the university that one formerly attended)
     I am proud of my alma mater.

3.  Alumni (Latin, plural of alumnus or alumna - old students of a college or university)
     Last Saturday, I attended the alumni of our college.

4.  Ante meridiem (Latin, a.m., before noon)
     He reaches at 9 a.m. (ante meridiem).

5.  Ballet (French, a form of dance)
    My daughter is going to attend ballet class.

6.  Bonafide (Latin, "in good faith", genuine character)
     He is a bonafide student of this college.

7.  Bon voyage (French, "good journey", wish someone who is going on a journey)
     Goodbye! Bon voyage!

8.  Cafe (French, a small restaurant)
     We had lunch in a sidewalk cafe.

9.  De fecto (Latin, "of fact", in fact, in reality, really speaking)
     The country was de fecto divided between two states.

10. Exempli gratia (e.g., Latin, "for the sake of example" or "for example")
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11. Ex gratia (Latin, "by favor", as a mark of grace or mercy)
      An ex gratia payment was made to the deceased employee.

12. Entrepreneur (French, a person who sets up a business)
      An entrepreneur bears most of the risks and enjoys most of the rewards.

13. Et cetera (etc., Latin, "the rest", "and other similar things" or "and so forth")
      Allow the children to eat only healthy food - vegetables, fruits, etc.

14. Genre (French, "kind" or "style", a category of something like art, music, literature)
      Roy likes many types of music, but his favorite genre is heavy metal.

15. Id est (i.e., Latin, "that is to say" or "that is" or "in other words")
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16. Inter alia (i.a., Latin, "among other things")
      The study includes, inter alia, computers, aircraft, and civil engineering.

17. Kindergarten (German, "children's garden", a type of school for children)
      I have been trying to find a good kindergarten for my daughter.

18. Literati (Latin, well educated people interested in literature, learned men, scholars)
    Milton could be appreciated only by the literati.

19. Magnum opus (Latin, "great work", masterpiece)
      Milton's magnum opus, Paradise Lost, is a long blank verse epic poem.

20. Post meridiem (Latin, p.m., after noon)
      We have our tea at 5 p.m.

21. Renaissance (French, rebirth, the revival of European art and culture)
      Elizabeth was herself a product of renaissance in England.

22. Tsunami (Japanese, harbour wave, an unusually large sea wave produced by a seaquake)
      Tsunamis are giant waves caused by earthquake or volcanic eruptions under the sea.

23. Vice versa (Latin, "in-turned position", in reverse order)
      Women may bring their husbands with them, and vice versa.

24. Viva voce (Latin, "with the living voice", oral test or exam)
      A viva voce test will be conducted for final selection.

25. Vox populi (Latin, "voice of the people", public opinion)
      Vox populy vox dei (The voice of the people is the voice of God).

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