31 Mar 2018

CSIR UGC NET Model Question Paper 2018 for JRF & Lectureship

CSIR UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) Model Question Paper 2018 for JRF & LS - Here is model question paper for CSIR UGC NET Exam 2018 to be held on 17th June 2018. CSIR-UGC NET Exam for science stream is conducted by CSIR twice a year in June and December in the following subjects/areas:-

  1. Chemical Sciences
  2. Earth Sciences
  3. Life Sciences
  4. Mathematical Sciences
  5. Physical Sciences
    image : CSIR UGC NET Model Question Paper for JRF & Lectureship @ TeachMatters
Check and download here model question papers of general paper Part A and Part B & C of all five subjects - Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences & Physical Sciences. Download model/sample question papers subject-wise and part-wise.

CSIR UGC NET Sample Question Papers 2018 for Junior Research Fellowship & Lectureship

Model question papers are based on exam scheme of each part and subject separately.

Exam Scheme : This exam is based on MCQ Test Paper of 200 marks for each paper comprises in three parts to be completed in three hours.

Part-A : Part-A shall be common to all the subjects. It includes (logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical and numerical ability, quantitative comparisons, series formation, puzzles, etc.)

Part-B & C : Both part B & C shall contain subject related MCQs.

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Model Question Paper : Part A General Aptitude

1. A sphere of radius 4 cm is carved from a homogeneous sphere of radius 8 cm and mass 160 g. The mass of the smaller sphere is 
1. 80 g. 
2. 60 g. 
3. 40 g. 
4. 20 g.

2. Two boys A and B are at two diametrically opposite points on a circle. At one
instant the two start running on the circle; A anticlockwise with constant speed v
and B clockwise with constant speed 2v. In 2 minutes, they pass each other for
the first time. How much later will they pass each other for the second time?
1.  1 minute
2.  2 minutes
3.  3 minutes
4.  4 minutes

3. There are k baskets and n balls. The balls are put into the baskets randomly. If
1.  There is no empty basket
2.  There are exactly (n- k) baskets with at least one ball
3.  There is at least one basket with two or more balls
4.  There are (n- k) baskets with exactly two balls

4. An ant is crawling along the x-axis such that the graph of its position on the x-axis
versus time is a semi-circle (see figure). The total distance covered in the 4 s is
image : CSIR UGC NET Model Question Paper : Part-A General Aptitude @ TeachMatters
1.  4 m
2.  2 m
3.  2 л m
4.  4 л m

5. In a bag containing only blue, red and green marbles, all but 15 are blue, all but 13 are red and all but 12 are green. How many are red ? 
1.  13 
2.  7 
3.  25 
4.  20

Subject-wise Model Question Papers - Part-B & Part-C (2nd Paper & 3rd Paper)

Download here Part-B & Part-C Model Question Papers of all five subjects.


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