13 Jan 2014

English Grammar : Words Often Confused

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English Grammar : Words Often Confused

1. Accept (to agree) – He has accepted my invitation to dine with me.
    Except (excluding) – All except Ram have taken the test.

2. Accident (a sudden event) – Vikash died in a bike accident.
    Incident (an event) – He narrated an interesting incident from his life.
3. Advice (noun) – We should act upon the advice of elders.
    Advise (verb) – Ali advised his son to work hard.

4. Beside (by the side of) – He is sitting beside his son.
    Besides (apart from) – Raman gave him a book besides his regular stypend.

5. Canvas (thick cloth) – Sita has two canvas shoes.
    Canvass (to try to get votes) – Canvassing for votes is going on.

6. Casual (accidental) – Salama is a casual student.
    Casual (pertaining to a cause) – There is no casual explanation of this delay.

7. Cemetery (a burial place) – There is no cemetery in this town.
    Symmetry (harmony) – The symmetry of science is a sign of beauty.

8. Dual (double) – China is following a dual policy these days.
    Duel (a fight between two persons) – In ancient times people duels to settle their disputes.

 9.Emigrant (a person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another) – Indian emigrants to England are not happy these days.
     Immigrant (a person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there) – Immigrants from Pakistan have been given land by the Govt.

10. Gaol (jail) – Three thieves escaped from the gaol yesterday.
      Goal (destination) – Money-making has become the goal of life these days.

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