5 May 2021

UGC NET English Practice Set-5

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Here is practice set-5 for NTA UGC NET English Paper-II exam based on Multiple Choice Questions of English Literature.

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UGC-NET English Practice Set-5

1. The Specimens of the English Dramatic Poets was written by -
(A) Lamb
(B) Hazlitt
(C) Addison
(D) Bacon

2. Hostages is a -
(A) Novel
(B) Memoir
(C) Short-story
(D) Screenplay

3. The phrase "Willing Suspension of disbelief" was coined by
(A) Arnold
(B) Eliot
(C) Wordsworth
(D) Coleridge

4. Four Books of Airs (1601-1613) was written by -
(A) John Dowlands
(B) Thomas Campion
(C) William Byrd
(D) Spenser

5. Who said, "No Bishop, no king" -
(A) James I
(B) Charles I
(C) Puritans
(D) Elizabeth

6. The Artist Hero is a theatrical creation emphasized by -
(A) W. B. Yeats
(B) Charles Baudelaire
(C) Oscar Wilde
(D) Andre Gide

7. The opening sixteen lines of Paradise Lost comprise -
(A) One sentence
(B) Two sentences
(C) Three sentences
(D) Four sentences

8. Samuel Jhonson wrote London in imitation of -
(A) Horace
(B) Ovid
(C) Juvenal
(D) Moschus

9. Thomas Hardy's last major novel was -
(A) Tess of the D'urbervulles
(B) Jude the Obscure
(C) The Return of the Native
(D) The Trumpet Major

10. The Theory of Natural Selection is attributed to -
(A) Arthur Schopenhauer
(B) Charles Darwin
(C) A. N. Whitehead
(D) Aldous Huxley

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