5 Mar 2018

PSTET Paper 1 Answer Key 2018 (FEB) PTET Paper Solution @ educationrecruitmentboard.com

PSTET Answer Key Paper 1 FEB 2018 Exam Solution

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(Last Updated : 10.07.18). PSTET Answer Key 2018 Paper 1 Solved Questions : Download Punjab TET Paper 1 Answer Key 2018 - Education Recruitment Board, Punjab (ERBP) under Department of School Education, Punjab conducted PSTET 2017 Paper 1 Exam on 25 February, 2018. Answer Key of PSTET 2017 Exam FEB 2018 can be checked here as official as well as revised answer key. The Official answer key of PSTET Paper 1 Exam 25 February 2018 can be downloaded here as the answer key is available on the official website of PSTET 2017-18 i.e. www.educationrecruitmentboard.com or www.tetpunjab.com.

Check and download here PSTET Answer Key 2018 for Paper 1 Exam 25 Feb. 2018 with Solved Question Answers.

PSTET Answer Key 2018 Paper 1 Solution (25.02.2018)

Paper 1 Answer Key of PSTET 2017 exam held on 25.02.2018 are available here as official and unofficial. Candidates who have appeared in PSTET 2018 Exam, can check and download PSTET Answer Key for Paper 1 exam February 2018 with all Question Booklet Series - 1, 2, 3 & 4. The key solution will be provided here under these categories -

PSTET 2017 Answer Key Paper 1 Exam 2018 (Unofficial)

Unofficial and tentative answer key of Punjab TET 2018 Exam can be checked here immediately after the completion of PTET Paper 1 Exam on 25.02.2018.

PSTET Paper-1 Answer Key 2018 (Unofficial) Solved Questions -

1. The ability to group ‘objects’ together on the basis of common features, according to Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory, is termed as
Ans. Classification

2. Which one of the following represent ‘S’ factor in Spearmen’s Two Factor Theory ?
Ans. Specific Factor

3. Who was the exponent of Multifactor Theory of Intelligence ?
Ans. Louis Thurston

4. Which out of the following theories views that ‘behaviour could be shaped through successive approximation and reinforcement of responses, is more nearly approaching towards desired behaviour’ ?
Ans. Operant Conditioning

5. Trait theories are related to which of the following aspects ?
Ans. Personality

6. Kindergarten (K.G.) system of education means ‘garden of small kids’, who gave the concept out of the following persons ?
Ans. Friedrich Frobel

7. The stage Pre-Operational in Piaget Theory is called pre-operational because -
Ans. The children have not yet mastered the ability to perform mental operation

8. Who has described human behavior and development as a process of responding to reward and punishment in the environment ?
Ans. B.F. Skinner

9. Which state is NOT true about Inclusion ?
Ans. Meeting the needs of children with disability only

10. Which of the following age-group, the children’s ability to pronounce the letter w, b, t, f, g, n perfectly grows ?
Ans. 24-36 Months

Note : This is unofficial and tentative answer key. The complete answer key will be uploaded here asap.

PTET Paper 1 Answer Key 2018 (Official & Revised)

The Revised Answer Key of PSTET 2017 for Paper 1 exam Feb. 2018 can be downloaded here as the answer key is released on 05.03.2018 by the Board on the official website. The official answer key of paper 1 exam was uploaded by Punjab Education Recruitment Board as per the schedule for all series codes as under :

Download Justification for PSTET Paper-1 Questions (7 questions) (09.07.18)

PSTET Answer Key 2018 Paper 1 Series 1
PSTET Answer Key 2018 Paper 1 Series 2
PSTET Answer Key 2018 Paper 1 Series 3
PSTET Answer Key 2018 Paper 1 Series 4

PSTET Paper-I Revised Answer Key 2018 (13.04.18)
Download Revised PSTET Paper-1 Answer Key 2018 (released on 13.04.18)

Download Official PSTET Paper-1 Answer Key 2018 (released on 05.03.18)

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