7 Jan 2016

UGC NET English Solved Paper Dec. 2015

CBSE NET DEC 2015 Solved Question Paper - English

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(Latest Updated : 11.04.16). See/download CBSE NET English solved question paper of UGC NET Dec. 2015 exam held on 27.12.2015. Candidates who appeared in UGC NET English Exam 27.12.2015 can check this question paper solution with answers to get tentative score of their exam.

Candidates who are going to appear in next exam of UCG NET July 2016 & Dec. 2016 can also use this paper solution to get an idea of the expected questions and areas of their subject - UGC NET English. There were 50 multiple choice objective type questions in UGC NET English Paper-II. Here is English solved question paper of CBSE NET Dec. 2015 based on final answer key of UGC NET Dec. 2015.

Solved Question Paper - English (UGC NET Dec. 2015)

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Below are the solved questions with official & final answers of English Paper-II.

UGC NET Dec. 2015 Solved Question Paper-II English

UGC NET Solved Question Paper Dec. 2015
Paper - II (English)

1. Who, among the following, advanced the theory that the mind is a ‘tabula rasa’ at birth, and acquires all ideas by experience ?

1) John Locke

2) John Wesley

3) Isaac Watts

4) Denis Diderot

Answer : (1)

2. Which of the following authors wrote ‘Studies in the History of the Renaissance’ ?

1) Walter Pater

2) Oscar Wilde

3) Thomas Carlyle

4) John Ruskin

Answer : (1)

3. Whom does Harriet smith finally marry in one of Jane Austen’s novels ?

1) Knightly

2) Darcy

3) Collins

4) Mr. Martin

Answer : (4)

4. A poet once referred to an old man as ‘A tattered coat upon a stick’ .That is an example of _______.

1) Metonymy

2) Sarcasm

3) Simile

4) Metaphor

Answer : (4)

5. Which of these is Not a pastoral elegy?

1) Lycidas

2) In Memoriam

3) Thyrsis

4) Adonais

Answer : (2)

6. In Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godots the characters often use dislocated, repetitious and clichéd speech primarily to :

1) Illustrate the essentially illogical, purposeless nature of the human condition

2) Re – create the workings of the subconscious

3) Mock the exaggerated dignity and wisdom of modern, self – professed intellectuals

4) Reinforce the comic action of farcical plots

Answer : (1)

7. Which of the following sixteenth – century poets was NOT a courtier?

1) George Puttenham

2) Philip Sidney

3) Walter Raleigh

4) Thomas Wyatt

Answer : (1)

8. Patrick White published two novels in the 1950s giving the eras of pioneering and exploration in Australian history an epic, ironic and psychological dimension. The novels are :

a) A Fringe of Leaves

b) The Tree of Man

c) Voss

d) The Aunt’s Story

1) (a) and (b)

2) (b) and (c)

3) (c) and (a)

4) (c) and (d)

Answer : (2)

9. In which of the following works did Bakhtin propose his widely cited concept of the ‘Carnivalesque’ ?

1) “Discourse in the novel”

2) Dialogic Imaginaiton

3) Rabelais and his world

4) “Forms of Time and of the Chronotope in the Novel”

Answer : (3)

10. Match the columns :

(Author) (Text)

(a) Sebastian Faulks (i) Amsterdam

(b) Peter Ackroyd (ii) Changing Places

(c) Ian McEwn (iii) Hawksmoor

(d) David Lodge (iv) Birdsong

Codes :

     (a) (b) (c) (d)

1) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

2) (ii) (iii) (i) (iv)

3) (iv) (iii) (i) (ii)

4) (iii) (iv) (ii) (i)

Answer : (3)

11. In New Criticism, the key term ‘tension’ is associated with :

1) Cleanth Brooks

2) John Crow Ransom

3) Austin Warren

4) Allen Tate

Answer : (4)

12. While compiling what sort of book did Samuel Richardson conceive of the idea for his Pamela or Virtue Rewarded ?

1) an account of the plague in London

2) an instruction manual for manners

3) a book of devotion

4) a book of model letters

Answer : (4)

13. Who among the war Poets gained notoriety In 1971, when disenchanted with the way the war was being conducted he drafted his letter of “willful defiance of the military authority” which captured attention in the House of Commons, and was forcibly admitted to the war hospital at Craiglockhart, primarily to avoid his being court-martialled ?

1) Rupert Brooke

2) Siegfried Sassoon

3) Wilfred Owen

4) Isaac Rosenberg

Answer : (2)

14. If you cannot understand an argument and remark, “It’s Greek to me”, you are quoting ______.

1) John Milton

2) Samuel Johnson

3) William Shakespeare

4) John Donne

Answer : (3)

15. Which of the following works did Walter Scott compile ?

1) The Lay of the Last Minstrel

2) Marmion

3) Ivanhoe

4) The Minstrelsy of Scottish Border

Answer : (4)*

Note : This question paper is solved with the final answer key of UGC NET English Dec. 2015. It has been updated* with the official &final answer key uploaded on the official website of CBSENET. Remaining solved questions will be updated soon.

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