3 Feb 2014

HTET 2014 : Solved Question Paper Level – 3 (PGT-English) held on 01 Feb. 2014

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HTET FEB 2014 was held on 01.02.2014 for Level-3 (PGT). Here is the Solved Question Paper for Level-3 (PGT-English). This HTET Feb 2014 Solved Question Paper has all four Parts of LEVEL-3 Question Paper for PGT.

HTET 2014 Solved Question Paper Level – 3 (PGT)

Sub. Code No. 102 (English) SET - C

Part – I (Child Development and Pedagogy)
Part – II Language – 1 Hindi (हिन्दी)

Click here for Solved Part – II Language-1 Hindi (हिन्दी)

Part – III Language – II English

Click here for Solved Part – III Language – II English

Part – IV Subject – English 

Q. 91. What according to Frost’s poem are sold in the Roadside Stands ? 
           4) wild berries in warts 
Q. 92. The word closest in the meaning to Burlesque is 
           2) Grotesque exaggeration*
Q. 93.  A five feet line consisting of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable is
           2) an iambic pentameter
Q. 94. Selma Lagerlof’s story The Rattrap is set amidst the
           2) mines of Sweden
Q. 95. Wordsworth described all good poetry as
           4) the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions
Q. 96. Many have to ……. Because of poverty.
            1) live from hand to mouth
Q. 97. “How does it matter ?” is an example of
           4) a thematic question
Q. 98. Larry and Herbic are names of two …..in We’re not Afraid to Die.
           3) crewmen
Q. 99. Which of the following Odes is not by Keats ?
           2) Ode to Skylark
Q. 100. Name the figure of speech that expresses ‘a bold overstatement, or extravagant exaggeration of fact, used either for serious or comic effect’
           2) Hyperbole
Q. 101. Gray, Collins and Thompson were
            3)Precursors of Romanticism*
Q. 102. A Shakerpearian sonnet consists of
            1) three quartrains and a final couplet
Q. 103 The author of the story Lost Spring is
             2) Anees Jung
Q. 104. The opposite of Sublime is
             1) Rediculous / 4) Ordinary*
Q. 105. What is the sub-title of the play Twelfth Night ?
             2) What you will
Q. 106. Which of these plays is not written by Girish Karnad
              4) Ghasiram Kotwal
Q. 107. My Story is the autobiography of
             3) Kamala Das
Q. 108. Which of the following statement is not true ?
              2) Language is the only means by which people communicate their thoughts and ideas.
Q. 109. Toni Morrison is an …….. writer.
              4) Afro-American
Q. 110. A Swan Song is
            4) the last utterance before death
Q. 111.The antonym of Titanic is
             2) Puny
Q. 112. Which of the following is not an Elegy ?
             The Medal
Q. 113. As recorded by APJ Abdul Kalam in My Childhood, he was …… when II World War broke out.
           4) eight years old
Q. 114. A medicine to counteract the effect of poison is an
            2) antidote
Q. 115. A word which is no longer in use is
             4) obsolete
Q. 116. Do not consider life to be …….
              3) a bed of roses
Q. 117. “And faith unfaithful kept him falsely true.” The underlined are an example of
              1) Oxymoron
Q. 118. There are ……… Anamalous Finites in the English language.
             4) twenty-four
Q. 119. Which of there is not an novel by Mulk Raj Anand ?
             4) Gora
Q. 120. Compound vowels are called
             2) dipthongs
Q 121. According to Aristotle
             1) plot is more important than character
Q. 122. Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice was originally titled
             2) First Impression
Q. 123. It’s loveliness increases, it will never Pass into nothingness. In these lines from Keat’s poem the pronoun it’s and it stand for
             1) a thing of beauty
Q. 124. Which is not a synonym of the word ‘dexterous’ ?
             3) Awkward
Q. 125. The locale that R K Narayan has fictively created is
             2) Malgudi
Q. 126. Which poem by Wole Soyinka depicts the absurdity of racism ?
             3) Telephone Conversation
Q. 127. Laburnum in Ted Hughes’ poem
             2) small tree
Q. 128. One must stand by a friend ………
             2) through thick and thin
Q. 129. ‘Doctor Faustus’ is a play by
             3) Marlowe
Q. 130. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers is a poem written by
             3) Adrienne Rich
Q. 131. A fictitious name adopted especially by an author is a
             4) pseudonym
Q. 132. The figure of speech in the sentence ‘Meloncholy marked him for her own.’ Is
             3) Personification
Q. 133. The Rape of the Lock by A. Pope is
              4) a Mock-heroic poem
Q. 134. Who among the following writers uses the stream of consciousness technique ?
             3) V. Woolf
Q. 135. Which teaching………..stimulation.
             1) Audio-lingual Method
Q. 136. The following lines are from the poem :
              “Five miles ………….  a lifeless lesson.”
              1) Kubla Khan
Q. 137. Simone de Beauvoir is associated with
             4) Feminism
Q. 138. It is the convention in Epic poetry to begin by seeking help of a diety.
             2) Invocation
Q. 139. In which method of teaching ….. expression ?
             Direct Method
Q. 140. What does the narrator in Kamla Das’ poem My Mother at Sixty-six do when parting with her mother ?
              3) Smile
Q. 141. ‘Dialect’ is a  …… variation of a given language.
              2) regional
Q. 142. The theory of Poetic Diction was propounded by
             1) W. Wordsworth
Q. 143. Keeping Quiet a poem by Pablo Neruda is about
             1) mutual understanding
Q. 144. ‘Weary way’ is an example of
             2) transferred epithet
Q. 145. Transformational Generative Grammar is a concept associated with
             3) Noam Chomsky
Q. 146. The synonyms of Denouement is
              1) unraveling of a plot or story
Q. 147. Checking population growth is really a ….
             2) herculean task
Q. 148. A person who is indifferent to pleasure or to pain is a
             1) Stoic
Q. 149. A book published after the death of the author is a ….. book.
             1) posthumous
Q. 150. A person who believes that nothing really exists is a
             2) nihilist

Note : This Question Paper is solved with the Final and Official Answer Key provided by HBSE. 
Note : If you have any doubt about this Question Paper or Answers, you can give your view in the Comment Section. 


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