14 Jan 2014

English Grammar : Common Errors in the Use of Nouns

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Common Errors in the Use of Nouns
He gave me an advice.He gave me some advice.
He gave me some advices.He gave me some advice.
His hairs are grey.His hair is grey.
We have many fruits in winter.We have many fruit in winter.
The cattles are grazing in the field.The cattle are grazing in the field.
The table’s legs are broken.The legs of table are broken.
His family members were present.The members of his family were present.
This road is closed for repair.This road is closed for repairs.
He has many works to do.He has much works to do.
My leg is paining.have pain in my leg.
Mistakes after mistakes were committed.Mistake after mistake was committed.
The hall was full of men.The hall was full of people.
When will you go to your house?When will you go home?
I like tight-fitting cloth.I like tight-fitting clothes.
The scissors is lying in the table.The scissors are lying in the table.
He gave me a ten-rupees note.He gave me a ten-rupee note.
The train is late by one and a half hour.The train is late by one hour and a half.
have pains in my leg.have pain in my leg.


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