30 Oct 2021

REET Level-1 Answer Key 2021 Download @ reetbser.com

REET Level-1 Answer Key 2021 Exam 26.09.2021

(Latest Updated on 30.10.2021). Download REET Answer Key 2021 for level-1. REET 2021 Exam was held on 26.09.2021. The Final Answer key of REET 2021 has been released by the Board on 30.10.2021 (as per the schedule) for level-1. Check here RTET 2021 official & final Answer Key for level-1.

REET Answer Key 2021 Level-1

Here is the official/final answer keys of REET 2021 Exam held on 26.09.2021 for Level-1.

Download Final Answer Key of REET Level-I Exam 2021 (30.10.2021)

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REET Answer Key 2018 Level-1 (Final) -

Download the official and final answer key of REET 2017 Exam held on 11.02.2018 for Level-1.
Download Final Answer Key of REET Level-I Exam 2018 (11.04.18)

REET Answer Key 2018 Level-1 (official) -
Download Official Answer Key of REET Level-I Exam 2018 (15.03.18)

REET Answer Key 2018 Level-1 (Unofficial) -

1. Piaget’s theory a process which is the balancing the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ between perceptions and experience known as
Ans. Equilibration

2. The law of use and disuse in learning is also called as
Ans. Law of exercise

3. In Pavlov’s experiment the dog salivated not only when meat powder was placed directly in his mouth, but also well before that i.e. when heard the trainer’s footsteps coming down the stairs. This phenomenon is called as
Ans. Conditioned reflex

4. Cognitive develops through the constant process of interaction between the child and the environment. This principles is reflected in
Ans. Piaget’s cognitive development theory

5. Which of the following statement is not true for norm reference test?
Ans. It is a standardized test

6. Which of the following is not a precaution for using intelligence test?
Ans. Individual assessment of intelligence is a structured interaction between the examiner and the student

7. As per Erikson, psychosocial development of children occurs in Eight stages. A student of class III (around 9 years) corresponds to which stage of development?
Ans. Industry versus inferiority

8. In our country many children speak more than one language. Find out from the following, the correct advantage to children who has ability to speak two languages.
Ans. All the above

9. A learning disability that involves difficulty in handwriting is called
Ans. Dysgraphia

10. Which one of the following is related to summative evaluation?

Ans. Terminal assessment of the learner’s performance at the end of the session.

Note: This is the unofficial answer key. The complete answer key has been uploaded here.

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